Tuesday, July 8, 2014

All About The Fiddle Leaf Fig

Figgy Pudding

I jumped on the Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree wagon. And I am so glad I did! This beauty is stunning in person and becomes the focal point of the room it is in. 

I have had my tree for about three weeks now, and I am adjusting him to the climate slowly. I affectionately named him Figgy Pudding. He has a few brown spots from being in the plant nursery but is in overall perfect condition.

I went with a woven basket with a plastic liner inside so I can do indoor waterings as well. Austin is planning to build me a roller to place the basket on since Figgy is already very heavy. 

Fiddle Leaf Figs are native to the African Rain Forrest and prefer a hot and humid but shaded environment to grow in. They do not like direct sunlight or cold breezes. They can grow up to forty feet tall in their natural environment so be sure you have space to transfer the pot a few times to let the root system grow. We have twelve foot ceilings in our living room so I will repot our tree next year in the spring.

If you have warm summers and a shaded patio Fiddle Leafs will thrive under a patio in the summer heat. I plan to let Figgy spend the majority of this summer outside in the hot humidity of Louisiana. But be sure and move them back in towards early fall and make sure they are back inside well before the first frost of the season.

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