Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Living Room Tour

A Glimpse of the Living Room!

I also recently purchased a set of industrial style nesting tables from Ivan Smith Furniture. 

Our living room is where we spend the most time and we love our big comfortable sectional from Ashley Furniture. The living room paint color is

Our living room decoration and theme are based off This rug I fell in love with from 

And here is another glance of the nesting tables, I really love them. And even more so that I was able to buy them off the floor for an extremely discounted price.

Turquoise and teal are my favorite color. And even though the blue accents in the living room are very bold and bright. The grey walls, curtains and pillows help to tone everything down. The blue is very functional and modern.

Our Quincy Chairs were purchased from World Market, they no longer sell them in this Peacock color but they have a Caribbean blue still availble. These chairs are not only stylish but extremely comfortable. They have a bronze nailhead detail on the sides and back.

Here is a close up of our shelves and picture display. All of the photographs are from our wedding day. I gathered frames from local thrift shops and spray painted them each matte black. The figurines are from random stores and places, my glass Elephant and Hippopotamus were made in Africa and given to us by a sweet missionary friend whose family operates Children's Cup. You will see many hippo's in my decorations throughout our home. They are my favorite animal and Austin tolerates them everywhere because I adore them.

Our pillows are from the Target Threshold Collection, and this Cremieux Throw blanket was purchased at Dillard's, snuggling in this blanket on a friday night may be just about as close to heaven on earth as you can get. ;)

This is a quick glance into our Foyer. The focal point of our entry way is the massive custom abstract art piece by Artist Angel Turner Dyke.
We have an antique Queen Anne Sofa Table (<- this one is pricey, you can find cheaper replicas on ebay!) and my Meyer Lemon Tree is hanging out in the right hand corner. 
The entryway rug was purchased from Homegoods. Top paint color is a charcoal from Sherwin Williams and bottom is the Sherwin Williams Functional Gray.

If you would like a more detailed tour of our Foyer please leave it in the comments, we recently refinished our foyer closet and turned it into a functional coat closet.

And finally a quick glance from the sofa on a friday movie night (you have to have mint chocolate chip ice-cream or it just isn't right!).
 We have a double fireplace that goes into our kitchen/dining area. If you would like to see a tour of those rooms leave a comment below!

The living room isn't complete just yet, I still need some accents, I am experimenting on mixing metals and I'll update on those things as the room is more complete.

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